During these 34 days, I saw clearly how war brings out the worst in people. But also the best. And all this light gives me hope. I receive hundreds of messages of support from all over the world and from the day one I wanted to share this support with you.

So I asked my friends and colleagues, whom I endlessly respect and who inspire me, to answer three questions about Ukraine, Ukrainians and freedom:

1. Describe Ukrainians in 3 words
2. What does freedom mean to you?
3. Do you have things “made in Ukraine”?Tell us about them.

And today I'm posting the answers.
Young Emperors
This video is made by French matching couple and creative photography duo
Sarah Andelman
This video is made by fashion curator and former creative director of Colette
Alexandra Shulman
This video is made by the journalist, author and former Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue
Cindy Bruna
This video is made by French model and activist
Roisin Murphy
This video is made by the legendary Irish singer, songwriter and powerful performer
This video is made by French singer-songwriter, musician and actress
Talking about Ukraine